Our company F. H. U. ALUSPORT Krystian Śledź was established in 2007. The company’s mission is to meet the needs of our customers and provide products that combine perfect quality with reasonable price.


We put the satisfaction of our customers first. The profit we get is just a bonus. Going back to the beginnings, first passion and dreams were born, then goal. Thanks to our consistency and patience we founded the automotive company F. H. U. ALUSPORT Krystian Śledź. Step by step, we developed and enriched our offer with leading brands of aluminium wheels.


The brand ALURIMS® is something, that was always on our minds, and finally the long waited rims arrived. Carefully designed aluminium wheels perfectly reflect our love and passion – beautiful cars and tuning. ALURIMS® wheels are 100% our own, registered designs in 3 beautiful colors. Our brand new rims are designed and manufactured using the FLOW FORMING production process. This method gives our rims the qualities that we wanted the most – durability while reducing the weight.


The biggest advantage of our wheels is the technology in which they are made – Flow Forming – the latest fashion in the production process of aluminium sports rims. Rims created using this method are characterized by low weight and at the same time much higher strength. In addition, it provides much greater resistance to damage and deformation.


This process leaves the rim walls much thinner while maintaining the durability properties and reducing the weight of the finished rim.


Flow Forming is based on the use of a high temperature and roller system, which in combination allows for easier and more efficient rim shaping. The material of the rim is much easier to process and the ideal form and strength is achieved.

Production line - painting of rims

Production line - measuring of the holes

Production line - CNC machines